Da Quiet Storm

E:60 “The New Old School” ESPN BBOY DOCUMENTARY 2010


TeenTitanz vs Full Fx

My First competition i’ve entered in.

Teen Titanz On the Left

Full FX On the Right

Im the one in all black from the Right side, 6th person to go out.

Mask Effect

Biggie Smallz Squad

Bboy Juggernaut (floor royalty crew)

Bboy Qmonk

Bboy Papaz (floor royalty crew)

Biggie Smallz Squad Teaser

Crew Made By: Bboy Qmonk

The crew was created based on Battling mostly for : 3on3s and 2on2s

The crew consist of three people :

BBOY Juggernaut (Floor Royalty Crew)
BBOY Papaz (Floor Royalty Crew)

One Of Many More Battles to come.

Im The One With the Black Beanie…and Khaki color pants, and No im not inFloor Royalty Crew”.  I Signed us up as “Floor Royalty Crew + One”. {-___-“}

Marvin Gaye - "T" Plays It Cool
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"T Plays It Cool" By:

 Marvin Gaye

Album: Trouble Man - (1972)